The use or generation of biomedical data and existing medicines to discover and establish new treatments for patients with rare diseases – recommendations of the IRDiRC Data Mining and Repurposing Task Force

Published by Orphanet J Rare Dis.

Drug RepurposingData Mining

This article reviews the past successes of data mining for Drug Repurposing, and planning for future biomedical research capacity, the DMR Task Force identified four strategic infrastructure investment areas to focus on in order to accelerate rare disease research productivity and drug development: (1) improving the capture and sharing of self-reported patient data, (2) better integration of existing research data, (3) increasing experimental testing capacity, and (4) sharing of rare disease research and development expertise. Additionally, the DMR Task Force also recommended a number of strategies to increase data mining and repurposing opportunities for rare diseases research as well as the development of individualized and precision medicine strategies.

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