This website offers a set of free biomarker commercialization tools to help researchers, small and medium sized companies (SMEs), and technology transfer offices (TTOs) tackle the highly regulated and interdisciplinary landscape of in-vitro diagnostics applicable biomarkers, i.e., markers intended to provide information on the health status of a person.

The tools guide researchers and product developers through the technology readiness levels (TRL) and remind about the technical, regulatory, and business aspects of the innovation process.

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Biomarkers in Rare Diseases

Published by International Journal of Molecular Sciences

BiomarkersRare diseases

The focus of this article is to provide a broad platform for original research and state-of-the-art reviews on novel or established proteomic, metabolomic, or transcriptomic biomarkers that contribute to the understanding of the underlying molecular mechanisms of rare diseases and/or that can be used for the diagnosis and prognosis of disease and individuals’ responses to therapies. The collection includes eight original research papers, one commentary, and six review articles from groups investigating biomarkers for a diverse range of rare diseases.

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Predictive biomarker-based assay development in the context of drug development and lifecycle

Published by EMA

Predictive BiomarkersEMA

The proposed concept paper is intended to be developed into a guideline which will replace the reflection paper on co-development of pharmacogenomic biomarkers and assays in the context of drug development. The guideline will provide recommendations on the interface between predictive biomarker-based assays including CDx, and the development and lifecycle of a medicine.

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Discovery and validation of biomarkers to aid the development of safe and effective pain therapeutics: challenges and opportunities

Published by Nature Reviews Neurology

Biomarker DiscoveryResearch and Drug Development Disease or Translational Resource BiomarkerPain Therapeutic BiomarkerChronic PainBiomarker ValidationRegulatory Issue

This article outlined the NIH initiative, Helping to End Addiction Long-term (HEAL). A trans-agency effort to provide scientific solutions to stem the opioid crisis. One component of the initiative is to provide guidance on biomarker discovery and rigorous validation to accelerate high-quality clinical research into neurotherapeutics and pain.

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An overview of the biomarker qualification process that provides information on current evidentiary considerations. It also provides new information on the evolution of the role that preclinical qualification plays in clinical qualification of biomarkers and the novel approaches that are being utilized to improve the process

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The BIC Review Tool is designed to improve communication, it allows an “inventors interview”-type of approach, in addition to being a checklist for Technology Transfer Offices and Researchers. It is designed to improve communication between the stakeholders involved in the commercialization process and to facilitate collaboration. The tool is therefore in a completely different format than the Biomarker Commercialization (BIC) Guide. All introductions and explanations are missing by intention since they can already be found in the BIC Guide, Best & Pitfall Practices handbook or the Regulatory Guide. 

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