Services offered by INFRAFRONTIER include
• Rodent Model Generation (generation of custom rodent mutant strains using the latest genome-editing technologies by expert laboratories)
• Cryopreservation (Mutant mouse models generated by researchers around the world are archived using the latest cryopreservation techniques in the European Mouse Mutant Archive (EMMA).
• Strain Distribution (The deposited mutant mouse lines are sent to researchers around the globe as frozen gametes or live cohorts.
• Mouse Phenotyping (These systematic phenotyping platforms incorporate whole-system screen covering different diseases and organ systems.
• Axenic Service (This service offers the germ-free derivation of user-provided mouse strains. These germ-free mice can be used for different gnotobiotic studies that shed light on the important contribution of the gut microbiota to health disease).
• Open Calls (free-of-charge cancer and infectious disease services funded by the European Commission).
• Cancer Services (Via the canSERV project, INFRAFRONTIER offers access to several cutting-edge cancer services as Trans-National Access calls).

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