ANIMPACT – An Ethical, Legal and Practical Perspective on the Impact of a New Regulatory Framework for the Scientific Use of Animals on Research and Innovation. Final Publishable Summary Report. 1.OCT.2013 – 31.Dec.2016

Published by CORDIS EU Research Results

Ethical Use of AnimalsDirectiveProtection of AnimalsRegulations

The project ANIMPACT – An ethical, legal and practical perspective on the impact of a new regulatory framework for the scientific use of animals on research and innovation have addressed external and internal regulation mechanisms regulating animal research in Europe. 

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COMMISSION RECOMMENDATION of 18 June 2007 on Guidelines for the Accommodation and Care of Animals Used for Experimental and Other Scientific Purposes 

Published by Official Journal of the European Union

Ethical Use of AnimalsProtection of AnimalsRecommendationGuidelinesAnimal CareAnimal Facilities

This directive is to protect animals used for experimental and other scientific purposes to ensure that any possible pain, suffering, distress or lasting harm inflicted as a consequence of procedures being conducted upon them, shall be kept at a minimum. It provides guidelines for the accommodation and care of animals.

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