MDC Connects: A Guide to Drug Discovery

Published by Medicines Discovery Catapult

Drug DiscoveryTarget IdentificationSmall Molecules

This guideline is a summary presentation from the Medicines Discovery Catapult (MDC) webinars. The aim was to create a resource of modern drug discovery knowledge to support small companies who are developing their own medicines. The guideline is focused on preclinical research with an emphasis on small molecules in the following topics:
• What makes, and how to identify, a good target
• Methods to identify the chemical compound which would become the drug
• How to optimise that drug
• How to test it works in models of disease
• And how to demonstrate that it would be safe to dose in humans

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Drug discovery and development: Role of basic biological research

Published by Alzheimers Dement (N Y).

Drug DiscoveryTarget Validation

This article provides a brief overview of the processes of drug discovery and development. The aim is to help scientists whose research may be relevant to drug discovery and/or development to frame their research report in a way that appropriately places their findings within the drug discovery and development process and thereby support effective translation of preclinical research to humans.

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NCATS, in collaboration with other NIH Institutes and Centers and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), is leading the Tissue Chip for Drug Screening program to develop human tissue chips that accurately model the structure and function of human organs — such as the lungs, liver and heart — to help predict drug Safety in humans more rapidly and effectively

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Exploring the new horizons of Drug Repurposing: A vital tool for turning hard work into smart work

Published by European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry

Research and Drug DevelopmentClinical TrialDrug DiscoveryDrug RepurposingLead Molecule

This review provides different approaches for Drug Repurposing and addresses recent developments and future scope of drug repositioning strategies. In addition provides a list of repurposed drugs and repurposing resources.

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Drug Repurposing: progress, challenges and recommendations

Published by Nature Reviews Drug Discovery

Research and Drug DevelopmentDrug DiscoveryDrug Repurposing

In this Article, it is presented approaches used for Drug Repurposing (also known as drug repositioning), discussed the challenges faced by the repurposing community and recommended innovative ways by which these challenges could be addressed to help realize the full potential of Drug Repurposing.

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Development of product specific bio-analytical assays 

Published by IRDiRC

Research and Drug DevelopmentDrug DiscoveryBioassayBio-Analytical Assay

Measurement of drug concentrations in biological matrices (such as serum, plasma, blood, urine, and saliva) is an important aspect of drug development. These methods provide data to support the Safety and effectiveness of drugs, which may be needed to support applications for new drugs in regulatory pathways

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