preclinical platforms

Provided by GENETHON


Genethon has platforms available which are capable of generating and collecting all the preclinical data which make it possible to evaluate efficacy, toxicity and adverse effects of a gene therapy product, including functional exploration, imaging, histology, cytology as well as an animal experimentation center

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Cellosaurus Cell line encyclopedia

Provided by Cellosaurus


The Cellosaurus is a knowledge resource on cell lines. It attempts to describe all cell lines used in biomedical research, including:
Immortalized cell lines
Naturally immortal cell lines (example: stem cell lines)
Finite life cell lines when those are distributed and used widely
Vertebrate cell line with an emphasis on human, mouse and rat cell lines
Invertebrate (insects and ticks) cell lines

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Global registry for human pluripotent stem cell lines

Provided by Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Registry (hPSCreg)


Benefits of the global registry for human pluripotent stem cell lines hPSCreg are
– increased visibility of your hPSC line within the regenerative medicine community worldwide
– assignment of a unique cell line reference code to allow traceability in published papers and across federated on-line resources
– obtain hPSC certificates to fulfill ethical provenance requirements for EC-funded research projects
– recognition of source biomaterial ethical provenance and other cell line characteristics

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