EORTC has developed a number of tailored tools and skills, enabling effective and qualitative management of increasingly diverse and complex clinical study data.
Clinical Trials tools, imaging tools, Molecular analysis tools, quality of life questionaires

Study tools

Our databases include information from multiple sources, including clinical, radiotherapy, diagnostic, molecular imaging and biological samples.

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Clinical development and regulatory affairs



Clinical development and regulatory affairs: highly specialized expertise and experience for the conception, preparation and realization of clinical trials, in collaboration with hospital-based investigators, and conform to both French and international regulatory frameworks.

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Trial management support



• trial management operations (interaction with competent authorities & ethics committees, project management, monitoring, vigilance, data management)
• clinical trial tools (outcome measures, regulatory database, site locations, risk-based monitoring)

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Strategic Feasibility Advice Service

Provided by conect4children


Strategic Feasibility Advice is the c4c term to describe the process of providing advice to bring clinical and innovative methodology expertise as well as the patient and parent perspective to paediatric development.
The aim is to expedite the development of high quality paediatric plans/protocols and conduct of feasible paediatric clinical trials and by this the access to well-studied drugs for paediatric patients.

This service provides the industry and academic c4c beneficiaries the opportunity to gain advice on any aspect of paediatric drug development throughout the entire cycle.

The service aims to assist sponsors in new ways to overcome the hurdles of paediatric drug development and to ensure that the study design is patient centred.

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Paediatric clinical trial management

Provided by PedCRIN


PedCRIN developed a series of tools (WP3) and procedures to support the setup and the management of multinational neonatal and paediatric clinical trials in Europe. These tools are developed to train and support researchers and clinicians so they can establish, run, and manage both paediatric and neonatal multinational clinical trials in a more effective and easier way. The removal of barriers to trial management will speed up the evaluation of new and improved therapies.

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