Mouse Models



Services offered by INFRAFRONTIER include
• archiving and distribution of scientifically valuable mutant mouse strains
• rodent model development (mouse and rat) using gene targeting in embryonic ES-cells or CRISPR/CAS9 technologies
• systemic phenotyping of mutant mice for a whole-organism view on gene function
• germ-free (axenic) mice
• validated genetically engineered mouse models of cancer

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Global registry for human pluripotent stem cell lines

Provided by Human Pluripotent Stem Cell Registry (hPSCreg)


It aims to provide to the community

a central and searchable hub for available hPSC-lines
a central registry of clinical studies based on hPSC-lines
a standardized identifier for hPSC-lines and register of these standard names
a trustworthy data source for hPSC-lines by verifying the ethical and biological conformity of registered lines based on community standards
comparability of quality standards in hPSC research
certification of quality and ethical provenance of hPSC-lines
a platform where any scientist or institution generating or working with PSC lines can register their cell lines, projects or clinical studies

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