Phenotype data for single-gene knockouts



The IMPC offers a wide range of free, open-access resources for all our users. Our phenotype data is available in the following formats:

Gene and Phenotype pages: All data from our phenotyping centres is QCd (Quality Controlled), analysed and processed to be displayed to anyone with an internet connection, for free! You can also order IMPC Alleles supplied by our consortium members in the Order Mice section. Enter a gene symbol or phenotype to start your search.
Bulk Data: For users and collaborators that want to use our data in their own custom queries we offer FTP, API and Batch Query access to our data for all your analysis needs!
Advanced Tools: We have built a variety of advanced tools to help view, use and analyse our data.
Data Collections: We have curated pages that highlight certain areas of our data that are key to a number of research areas. Examples include cardiovascular, embryo development and pain.

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