DNA Bank

Provided by GENETHON


Genethon’s DNA and Cell Bank is to promote advances in genetic research by providing the scientific community with a high quality cell and human tissue products resource.
Europe’s leading bank for genetic diseases, it serves the whole of the medical and scientific community.
Genethon has an imaging platform capable of generating and collecting all the clinical data which allow the evaluation of the efficiency, the toxicity and the side effects of the gene therapy product.

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Cell automated amplification

Provided by I-STEM


We have developed at I-Stem a fully automated bioproduction platform for research applications (non-GMP) based on the use of CompacT SelecT technology for the amplification and differentiation of hPSCs under feeder-free adherent culture conditions. Process performance and variability are monitored throughout scale out to prevent deviations from specification limits. Cell suspensions are automatically dispensed into cryovials (Fill-it) and frozen using a controlled-rate freezing equipment chamber (Cryomed). Importantly, all cell banks undergo appropriate quality testing according to international guidelines – such as phenotypic characterization, genomic stability and microbiological testing – to ensure they meet release criteria.

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