EPTRI provides integrated services for research developments through its five Thematic Research Platforms according to their specific research area of expertise:
1. PAEDIATRIC MEDICINES DISCOVERY, which relates to the early-stage discovery and development of druggable molecular targets specific to paediatric disease, as well as discovery of new drugs specific for the paediatric population.
2. PAEDIATRIC BIOMARKERS, performing research to identify, characterise and validate new biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and personalised therapy in paediatric diseases; provide access to/deposit of annotated paediatric biological samples.
3. DEVELOPMENTAL PHARMACOLOGY, concerning studies on the pharmacological characteristics of drugs and related body response, based on the knowledge of growth and development/maturation of the organs and functions
4. PAEDIATRIC MEDICINES FORMULATIONS, which develops appropriate age-specific formulations and adequate delivery systems for preterm neonates, infants, toddlers, children and adolescents.
5. PAEDIATRIC MEDICAL DEVICES to cover the gap in medical devices tailored for children addressing the changes in growth and psychosocial maturation, physiology, and pathophysiology, and avoid inappropriate repurposing of adult technologies.

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