According to the development stage of your project (preclinical or clinical, start-up), the type of available funding (grants/fellowships/awards/Venture Capital or Angel investment), and your geographical location (Europe/USA), you can choose the best funding opportunity for you. If your project is still in early stage, it would be better for you to search for grants, fellowships, and awards at national and international level. However, if your project has already proof of concept results, you can either look for funding from Venture Capital and Angel investment or found a start-up or partner with industry to strengthen your data. Many companies have Open Innovation Programme where you can find important information to query a collaboration. If you already have strong and solid preclinical data and are ready to start a clinical trial, you can apply for dedicated calls to start the first in human study or ask for private funding from Venture Capital. The network of Venture Capital differs from country to country; you can look at the profile of invested companies on the website of that Venture Capital to know what they are looking for at those companies, and what kind of projects they want to invest in, to approach wisely.